July 1, 2020

Freedom in Genuinely Being You with Danielle Gelber

Freedom in Genuinely Being You with Danielle Gelber

What does freedom look like for you? Does it relate to allowing yourself to genuinely be you? What happens when you shed the expectations of others in favor of tuning into your own goals, dreams, and expectations? In this tell-all interview, our guest Danielle Gelber gets deep and vulnerable, and shares her remarkable story of stepping outside of her comfort zone to build a better life - one that she creates for herself.

Guest Bio: Born and raised in Jersey, with the honesty and sass to prove it, Danielle is currently living in San Diego trying to mellow the f*#$ out and discover her life’s purpose. After uprooting her life on the east coast then subsequently quitting her long-time (and not to be cocky but very successful) career, Danielle is now just a girl trying to figure out her life one sunny day at a time.

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