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Interesting Perspectives

Each episode of this podcast gives you a different perspective of people who have found specific values that help them lead fulfilling lives. It is incredibly interesting to hear how one topic can be taken in so many different directions. Whether you are looking to find your own values or if you are looking for a positive and uplifting podcast you should absolutely give this one a shot.

Unique Take

Loved listening to the host’s interpretations of the conversations throughout the episode when he breaks to talk directly to the listener. It offers a better opportunity to digest what’s being talked about in the interview, and more likely to act on what’s being discussed. Can’t wait to hear more!

Smart, thought provoking, and real

In just 3 episodes, I’ve felt inspired, challenged, and motivated. The conversations are real, thought provoking, interesting, and intelligent. Can’t wait to hear all that’s in store from this show!

Great podcast

Insight and inspiring!