May 17, 2020

LYV Trailer

LYV Trailer

Welcome to the Live Your Values Podcast! Helping you do more of what matters by connecting with your values and living a more meaningful and fulfilling life. In this trailer, Mike "Bagel" introduces the podcast, intended audience, and purpose. 

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LYV Trailer

Bagel: Hey, thanks for checking out the Live Your Values podcast. My name is Mike Barugel, or as most of my friends call me, "Bagel." Throughout my career as an entrepreneur, career counselor, and most recently a business advisor, I've realized that the one thing I care about most is helping people do more of what matters to them.

[00:00:27] Then it dawned on me; the key to this? Living your values. 

[00:00:32] "What are values, really?" You might ask. In a nutshell, values are the things that matter to us. The trick is you define and live yours in your own way. 

[00:00:42] I believe that taking the time to identify and connect with your own set of core values can help you in many ways, big and small, and everything in between.

[00:00:50] From deciding how to spend your Saturday to landing on your college major, from considering how to handle that crazy neighbor to how to maintain the important friends in your life. From pondering how you want to celebrate life's big moments to how to handle yourself when you lose something or someone important.

[00:01:08] Our values can help us through life's challenges, guide our decision making and remind us why we do the things we do on a daily basis. Through this interview style podcast, I'm excited to share real conversations with real people about what matters to them and what it means to live your values. My hope is that each episode will inspire and help you discover or uncover your own set of core values as well as provide useful tools and strategies to help you align and practice them more consistently.

[00:01:37] In a nutshell, my goal is to help you do more of what matters so that you can live a more meaningful and fulfilling life, and who doesn't want that? 

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[00:01:59] Thanks for listening. Get out there and live.